CB Safety Test Lab

We have testing scope under these
following standard
IEC 60335-2-6 :2018
IEC 60335-2-7: 2019
IEC 60335-2-9:2019
IEC 60335-2-14:2019
IEC 60335-2-15:2018
IEC 60335-2-24:2020
IEC 60335-2-40:2022
IEC 60335-2-80:2015


To Make Products Safer, In Turn Increase Consumer Confidence And Public Safety we have world class CB testing facilities with highly experienced , efficient managerial and technical personnel. Our CB Test reports will ensure Safety from Fire hazards, will Assure Ingress protection ratings, Provides a Secure Electrical & Mechanical Safety, And Confirms product’s constructional safety and adequate stability.

Is equipped with-

  1. Proof Tracking Tester
  2. Data Logger
  3. The Needle Flame Tester
  4. The Glow Wire Tester
  5. Pendulum Hammer
  6. The Ball Pressure Test
  7. Burst Pressure Testing Machine
  8. Ingress Protection Tester-IP Tester
  9. Gas Monitor
  10. EMF Tester
  11. Construction Checking Tools